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Lygon Street Snack Crawl

Join Emma Dean as she wanders down Melbourne’s iconic Lygon Street in the heart of Carlton. Renowned for its rich Italian heritage, Lygon Street has a vibrant and lively atmosphere that becomes particularly enchanting during the Christmas season. However, the delights of Lygon Street don’t stop there. In the summertime, this lively street transforms with the addition of a pop-up roller-skating rink, providing hours of entertainment for both young and old. As the kids twirl on the roller-skating rink, adults can indulge in a leisurely exploration of the many boutique shops and bookstores lining the street.

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Melbourne: Four Seasons in One Day — what to pack

  • A basket to fill with flowers, snacks and keepsakes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A stylish hat
  • A warm coat
  • Natio sunscreen
  1. Make Designed Objects194 Elgin St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Get your designer retail therapy fix at Make Designed Objects. The store unfolds over three levels and winds its way through various rooms and spaces showcasing the best of designed objects, from designer jugs to lighting figures.
  2. Snack Monster- Little Elgin St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Indulge in a sneaky snack at Snack Monster, in honour of the owner’s greyhound (and the ultimate Snack Monster). This hidden gem offers culinary delights, fine wines and a cosy ambience that invites you to savour every moment.
  3. ELK – 404 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Elevating Australian fashion with unique aesthetics and sustainable design, ELK offers refined collections, sculptural accessories and ready-to-wear pieces that resonate globally.
  4. Heartattack & Vine – 329 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Heartattack & Vine is based on the model of the classic European neighbourhood bar/cafe, open day and night, where things are kept simple and the focus is on warmth, hospitality and friendliness. It is the only place in Melbourne serving specialty coffee from 7am until 11pm every day and night.
  5. Milk the Cow – 323 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Forever chasing the perfect match, the team of cheesemongers and sommeliers at Milk the Cow spend their days matchmaking their award-winning cheese with wine, beer, cocktails and more to share with you.
  6. Readings – 309 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Doesn’t everyone love a bookstore? Established in 1969, Readings is a must stop for book lovers, with something for everyone.
  7. Milligram- 380 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    For those who love to create, write, craft, design or draw, Milligram is a haven with stylish stationery. We have our eyes on a Hobinichi 2024 planner.
  8. Pidapipó – 299 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    An obsession was born when owner Lisa Valmorbida decided that gelato was her thing. Committed to the perfect scoop, she moved to Italy to learn how gelato should be made. Pidapipó doesn’t disappoint with its authentic, artisanal Italian-style (and delicious) gelato, made from scratch on-site.
  9. King and Godfree – 293/297 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    At the heart of Little Italy, King and Godfree is a cherished family legacy and one of Australia’s oldest grocers, bringing culinary delights to Melbourne for generations.
  10. Johnny’s Green Room – Level 2/293-297 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Johnny’s is the place to go for good food, good tunes and classic good times. Recently renovated, this is the place where great summers are made.
  11. Grown Alchemist – 226 Faraday St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Grown Alchemist Retail Lab and treatment rooms are the embodiment of a holistic beauty destination. Nestled amid beautiful gardens, Retail Lab is an inspiring day spa that offers IV vitamin infusions and more on its menu.
  12. Baker D. Chirico – 178 Faraday St, Carlton Vic 3053
    At Baker D. Chirico, they’re not just bakers, they’re artisans who pour heart and soul into every aspect, from innovative architecture to meticulously crafted whole wheat bread.
  13. Coffee Machine Technologies – 285 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Established in 2005, Coffee Machine Technologies is synonymous with expertise in Melbourne’s thriving coffee culture. Their deep knowledge spans classic models to cutting-edge innovations, and they offer high-quality equipment.
  14. Poppyshop – 283 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    With a collection of vintage toys, Poppyshop is a treasure trove of unique, fun and traditional toys that make perfect gifts for the young and the young at heart.
  15. DOC Deli – 330 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    At DOC Deli, Italian food enthusiasts will find a haven specialising in importing the finest goods from Italy and sourcing top-quality ingredients from artisanal producers across the country.
  16. Donnini’s – 320 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    With a culinary presence in Melbourne spanning more than 60 years, the Donnini family has created an authentic Italian eatery renowned for its handmade pasta.
  17. Fossey’s Distillery – 209 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Step into a boutique distillery where quirkiness meets excellence. Experience gin and whisky craftsmanship at Fossey’s Distillery, celebrating local produce and craftsmanship.
  18. Assembly Store (Assembly Coffee) – Unit 60/62 Pelham St, Carlton Vic 3053
    At Assembly Store, coffee lovers are welcomed with
    a commitment to ethically traded, locally roasted coffee
    and a dedication to providing delicious, thoughtfully sourced products that cater to all tastes.
  19. Martabak Pecenongan 78 – 114 Lygon St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Carlton is the first location of the popular chain Martabak Pecenongan 78 to open in Australia. It specialises in martabak,
    a sweet, dense pancake loaded with toppings.
  20. Her Cafe – Shop 1R/516 Swanston St, Carlton Vic 3053
    Her Cafe, a hidden gem on Swanston Street, beckons with its delightful Asian-inspired cakes — a colourful sweet haven for all dessert lovers.


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Emma Dean has been a loyal fan of Natio for more than 30 years. Before cooking, Emma’s first job was in a chemist, where she fell in love with the Natio range. Protecting your skin from the sun in Australia is crucial due to the heightened risk of skin cancer, the harsh climate and the long-term consequences of UV exposure. Luckily, Natio has you covered year-round. Here are some of Emma’s favourite products:

  • Natio sun Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen: This lightweight and oil-free SPF 50+ sunscreen offers very high UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection and is water resistant for up to four hours. Nurturing vitamin E and aloe helps to defend against moisture loss, promoting soft and supple skin. It is fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. Always follow directions for use. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing, eyewear and a hat. Reapply as directed.
  • Natio sun Quick Dry Moisturising Sunscreen SPF 50+: Help defend your skin against sun damage with this fast-absorbing, high-performance SPF 50+ sunscreen with very high UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection. Formulated for both face and body with skin-nourishing vitamin E and aloe, the formula is moisturising yet non-greasy for smooth application and comfortable wear. It is water resistant for up to four hours and conveniently sized for easy portability and use on the go. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing, eyewear and a hat. Reapply as directed.

For more, visit natio.com.au

The Eat Well Presents – Christmas with Emma Dean feature is available now! Download here!

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