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Behind the scenes at Epocha Restaurant

In action, chef Angie Giannakodakis is mesmerising to watch. On set, she made us laugh and filled our bellies with good, wholesome food. And during this chat, we discovered the meaning of her restaurant, Epocha, the hidden gem located across the road from Carlton Gardens, and the significance of the silverbirch tree out the front. […]

Truffle & Onion Bites

Crisp-ness Truffle & Onion Bites

The whole family will love these delicious Truffle & Onion bites. Don’t forget to save the smaller crisps for a cook’s treat — you deserve it! Serves: 10 Ingredients: 140g bag Proper Crisps Big Cut Dill Pickle 1/2 cup Chris’ Heritage Goat Cheese & Black Truffl e Dip 1⁄3 cup Baxters Caramelised Onion Relish 100g […]

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Chicken & Sweet Potato Layer Cake

This delight is sure to get tails wagging and tongues drooling! The homemade masterpiece is crafted with love and care, using wholesome ingredients that not only satisfy your furry friend’s taste buds but also ensure they enjoy a nutritious treat. Serves: 1 cake Ingredients: Recommended as a treat only, no more than 100-200g per serving. […]

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Show Stopping side serves

Elevating the Christmas dining experience goes beyond the main course; it’s the showstopping side serves that truly leave a lasting impression.

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Lygon Street Snack Crawl

. Renowned for its rich Italian heritage, Lygon Street has a vibrant and lively atmosphere that becomes particularly enchanting during the Christmas season.