EatWell Christmas 2022

This Christmas, we’re focusing on what really matters: love, connection and good food. The holidays are a time to bring family and friends together.

To swap stories and smiles around the Christmas table. To celebrate your wins and share your learnings from the year. And, of course, to raise your glass and give thanks to the beautiful bounty of food you’re about to devour.

This Christmas forget “perfect”. Don’t buy into the hype of a flawless Christmas day. There’s no such thing. Forget trying to create the perfect day with the perfect table setting and the perfectly cooked Michelin star feast. Life doesn’t work like that and that’s a good thing. There’s magic in the moments of chaos. There’s mess in the madness. A half-peeled prawn shoots across the room and lands in uncle Bill’s drink, dear old great granny loses her teeth yet again, the champagne cork hits the roof, the pine nuts burn, the cheesecake doesn’t set … but guess what? That’s a real Christmas. An authentic Aussie hoot. A true cracker of a Chrissie.

Our favourite host, Emma Dean, is back this year with a star line-up of Australian chefs such as Eamon Walmsley, Clinton Weir, Honey Child, Frida Deguise, Hamed Allahyari and Thomas Schnetzler. Together they bring you a flawed, fabulous and fun Christmas with all the meaning and all the mess.

Enjoy the celebrations!

The EatWell team

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Introducing our special guests!

The EatWell Team is proud to present our amazing special guests that make up the Eatwell Christmas Family….. Clinton Weir Have you ever heard of flair bartending? Flair bartending is the practice of bartenders entertaining guests with the manipulation of liquor bottles and bar tools in spectacular ways. Clinton Weir is one of Australia’s most […]

EatWell TV Christmas Special

EatWell Christmas: A Merry Breakfast Banquet

Christmas morning has finally arrived, and there’s excitement in the air. The kookaburras are laughing, the sun is shining, and the coffee is brewing. Here, you’ll find the first of many delicious and decadent recipes. Dig in, take a breath and let your food digest, then wash it all down with a Bloody Mary Mocktail […]


EatWell Christmas: Santa’s Sizzling BBQ

In Australia, owning a barbecue is almost mandatory. But do you really know how to use it? On the next page, you’ll learn how to create a sizzling, saucy chicken recipe from a true American Creole barbecue master, Honey Child. Get ready to learn the art of barbecuing like you’ve never seen before with her […]


Christmas Special: Showstopping Dishes for a Christmas Feast

On Christmas day, it’s important to have a few stand out dishes that will “wow” your guests. Here, we share two crowd favourite recipes: a Potato Salad and a Crispy Porchetta. Plus, you’ll also find a delicious Pavlova Wreath with Whipped Lindt Chocolate Ganache … it’s not an Australian Christmas without a pavlova, right? Convenience […]

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Christmas Special: Handmade Gifts Full of Heart

We’re sure you can agree that there’s enough “stuff” in the world. This Christmas, why not break away from the consumerism mould and get creative with upcycled, DIY or homemade gifts? A few weeks out from Christmas, host a “craftanoon” with your friends and give these fun and easy gift ideas a go. Mix up […]

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Christmas Special: Yarra Valley Farmers Markets

Look out for these quality Yarra Valley growers, farmers and producers. The Yarra Valley is famous for its incredible array of fresh food and produce. Don’t forget to pack a picnic rug, market basket and, of course, your appetite. Supporting local growers, farmers and producers will ensure a better, more sustainable and thriving future for […]


Christmas Special: Middle Eastern Flavour Trail

Celebrating Christmas is different for every family. Ultimately, the holiday season is about sharing love, gratitude and good food. Here, we take your tastebuds on a journey to the Middle East and share a melting pot of exotic flavours and smells. Bring a slice of Middle Eastern delight to your Christmas Day feast. FRIDA DEGUISE […]

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Christmas Special: Boxing Day Reimagined

> The celebrations continue! The kids are running under the sprinkler, the cricket is on in the background and your feet are up. This year, thanks to our scrumptious Christmas menu, you’ve catered flawlessly and there’s plenty of leftovers for Boxing Day. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll recreate a feast that almost […]

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Christmas Special: Yarra Valley Road Trip

*VIDEO* There’s something in the air in the Yarra Valley of the Kulin nation. With both relaxation and exploration on offer, the striking region has it all: breathtaking scenery, native fauna and flora, farmers markets, stunning wineries, romantic hideaways, hot air ballooning and, of course, delicious fresh produce. Located less than an hour from Melbourne, […]