EatWell with Emma 2022

Welcome everyone to another year of Eat Well with Emma!

After nearly two years our program has become a  highlight for the Eat Well community, and we are excited to bring you another year of yummy, wholesome goodness and recipe ideas for your family and guests!

Stay tuned for more Eat Well fun this year!

In the meantime, salivate away on some of our delicious, healthy recipes and if you are still looking for entertainment ideas, head over to the Eat Well Christmas page where you can celebrate once again the amazing delights we created with Emma Dean and our guest celebrities!


Emma Dean Sweet Potato & Cashew Pasta Salad

Sweet Potato & Cashew Pasta Salad

This dish is super easy to throw together for a quick dinner and is also great for lunch the next day. For lunch, boost it up with some more fresh rocket to make it into a great salad. It’s high in protein and plant-based, too — a win-win!

Eatwell With Emma Spring Vegetable Rice Fritters

Spring-Vegetable Rice Fritters

These fritters are fresh, herby and fantastic with a poached egg for a delicious brunch. I have used ingredients that are available year-round, either fresh or frozen, so this recipe is a great go-to!

Grilled Peaches with Burrata & Balsamic Vinegar

Grilled Peaches with Burrata & Balsamic Vinegar

When entertaining, this is my go-to: a quick assembly salad that instantly adds wow and colour to any table. It’s super yummy paired with a crisp white wine.

Vegan Hommus and Sesame Bites

Vegan Hommus and Sesame Bites

This is one of my fave dishes to get any party started. Not only are these bites the perfect finger food, they’re also ideal for a packed lunch or on the go. They are great served hot or cold. Ingredients (Makes 18 small bites): 6 tbsp Nom Lush Almond by Pureharvest 2 tbsp chia seeds […]

Pana Organic Quad Choc Cookies

Quad Choc Cookies

These cookies are an amazing little treat. To make them an impressive and memorable dessert, sandwich a scoop of Pana Organic Salted Caramel Frozen Dessert between two of your Pana Organic Quad Choc Cookies. Then dip in Pana Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. The perfect grown-up dessert for the kid in all of us.

Zesty, Herby Mushroom Pasta

Zesty, Herby Mushroom Pasta

This dish is quick and easy to prepare, with hearty mushrooms and lifted with the lemon zest to really give it zing! Portobello mushrooms add plenty of flavour and also a deep colour.

Latest Articles

Campsite Ocean Trout & Rice Pilaf Loaded with Lemon & Fresh Herbs

Campsite Ocean Trout & Rice Pilaf Loaded with Lemon & Fresh Herbs

This is a bit of a free-for-all. This combination of ingredients is pretty fail-safe and all together tastes amazing. Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice is an easy addition to any camping pack. This is also great in a fry pan on a regular stove — maybe just halve the ingredients if you are not cooking up for a crowd.

Vienna Cake

Emma Dean’s Choc Cherry Veganetta

You’ll love this take on a classic Aussie favourite — but now let’s make it truly kinder for our festive season. Oh, did I also mention that it’s vegan, gluten-free and delish? Winning!

Walnut Eggplant Rolls

Christmas Badrijani: Walnut Eggplant Rolls

When I’m asked to sum up Georgian food, I always fire back “walnuts, garlic, coriander” — it may as well be our holy trinity. It’s this dish that is always aligned with big celebrations.

Brown butter prawns

Brown Butter Prawns

Once you learn how easy and delicious it can be to brown butter, I promise you’ll be browning butter in every recipe you can.

Crispy roasted potatoes

Rustic Duck Fat Potatoes

Is there anything that says Christmas more than crunchy roast potato? I sure don’t think so! Pete and I have been working on the perfect roast spud all through lockdown. I hope you love this version as much as we do!

Two crayfish rolls with thousand island dressing served with crunchy cos lettuce.

Matt’s Cray Cray Chrissy with Thousand Island Dressing & Soft White Bread

A Chrissy-boiled cray with lashings of homemade Thousand Island dressing served with soft white bread rolls and crunchy cos lettuce.

Homemade Celery Lemonade

Homemade Celery Lemonade

Some of the celery haters in the world might question, why on earth would you put celery in lemonade?! This is actually the perfect savoury twist to a sweet drink creating a more satisfying flavour profile. This drink will leave you feeling more hydrated and provide you with all the antioxidants that celery has to offer! This is one of Clinton from Pineapple Jam’s top three drinks and perfectly pairs with our Orphan’s Christmas Menu.

Cherry and Orange Mojito

Cherry & Orange Mojito

A sweet citrusy mocktail destined to dazzle at your Christmas party. This non-alcoholic mojito is one of Clinton from Pineapple Jam’s top three drinks! Make this drink for a perfect pairing with our Orphan’s Christmas Menu.

A trio of mocktails in various glassware

Basil & Strawberry Smash

The perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a cocktail on Christmas day, loved by all ages. This fresh fruity drink is one of Clinton from Pineapple Jam’s top three drinks! Make this drink for a perfect pairing with our Orphan’s Christmas Menu and it will be sure to take your meal to the next level.

Diy Decorate Mud Cake

DIY Decorate Mud Cake

We’re taking the complicated out of Christmas. Now you can be a true cake decorating whiz without the fuss, thanks to Lombard’s frozen cake range and extensive edible decoration selection.

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